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Networked Lighting Controls: Your Start to Smart Buildings

As we move toward smart buildings and a smarter world, more technologies have become available to manage our built environments. But which ones do we choose? With abundance comes ambiguity.
This webinar explores four options for moving forward with an advanced controls solution. EMC lighting experts discuss what this functionality looks like for each approach.

After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand why LED lighting will serve as the backbone to IoT solutions
  • Evaluate starting points for their organization to implement a networked lighting controls solution
  • Consider their organization’s unique needs and objectives that influence the implementation path
  • Learn best practices from a real-life networked lighting controls implementation


Ben Wright, Senior Controls Systems Engineer, EMC

Ben Wright is a senior controls systems engineer with the Advanced Development group for LED lighting + controls + IoT conversion systems and services provider EMC. Ben and his team are focused on driving value through emerging lighting technologies, as well as developing new products for the market. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from Montana State University School of Architecture.


Tony Johnson, Senior Solutions Engineer, EMC

Tony Johnson is a Senior Solutions Engineer at EMC. In this role he combines his background in lighting + controls design and solid-state light fixture design with his expertise in energy savings to evaluate emerging technologies and solutions for EMC customers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from The University of Kansas.


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