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reLED = Efficiency2: Upgrade legacy LEDs to improve performance and savings within your lighting program

When something is “squared,” it’s multiplied by itself. The latest LED technology provides double the performance of your legacy LED lighting program. Not only will your lighting performance be more efficient than ever, it will become smarter to set the stage for next-level controls and IoT technology.

Shift your expectations to how lighting will be maintained long term. Even if a capital project is not on your radar today, you can still recognize greater energy savings and improved lighting performance through a reLED Efficiency as a Service (EaaS) model. An EaaS strategy could mean that today’s LED installation can be upgraded while delivering incremental bottom-line savings at no upfront cost.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • WHEN is the right time to upgrade your existing LED lighting to build a foundation for new technologies.
  • HOW the latest LED technology provides the infrastructure for controls and IoT capabilities in existing facilities.
  • INSTALL is easy and cost-effective to switch to new LED lighting and futureproof your facility.
  • FUND your projects through an Efficiency as a Service (EaaS) model to realize an immediate return on your investment.


Tony Johnson, Senior Solutions Engineer, EMC

Tony Johnson is a Senior Solutions Engineer at EMC. In this role he combines his background in lighting + controls design and solid-state light fixture design with his expertise in energy savings to evaluate emerging technologies and solutions for EMC customers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from The University of Kansas.


Matt Mazzola, Vice President of Sales + Marketing, EMC

Matt Mazzola is EMC's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With more than 25 years of experience in the lighting, electrical and electronic manufacturing industry, Matt has held leadership roles for industry firms including manufacturers of wireless HVAC and lighting controls, lighting components and fixtures.


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