The LED Tipping Point Effect: How Widespread Adoption of LED Lighting Technologies Gave Rise to Vendor Neutrality

Tony Johnson, Solutions Engineer, EMC

Vendor neutrality, the practice of using products from multiple manufacturers in a single solution or application, has increased in importance for the lighting industry. Driving this change is the industry’s rapid transition from metal halide and fluorescent lighting technologies to the vast world of light-emitting diode (LED). This white paper discusses how using lighting and control products from multiple manufacturers can maximize lighting solution performance, increase energy savings and lower project payback timelines, as well as enhance flexibility for your next lighting project.

This white paper will help:

  • Prepare you to take new approaches that maximize the success of your LED lighting and controls projects
  • Demonstrate why the least expensive product isn’t always the best product
  • Provide sound rationale for considering new manufacturers
  • Explain the importance of getting expert help when navigating an LED project

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