Networked Lighting Controls: Your Start to Smart Buildings

Ben Wright, Senior Controls Systems Engineer, EMC

Tony Johnson, Senior Solutions Engineer, EMC

As we move toward smart buildings and a smarter world, more technologies have become available to manage our built environments. But which ones do we choose? With abundance comes ambiguity.

Learn an affordable approach to introduce IoT and other smart technologies into your existing facilities. With a wide variety of technologies and approaches out there, this white paper will help those trying to figure out how to integrate building- or enterprise-level controls, programmability, zoning measuring, monitoring and more into their business. In this white paper we:


  • Explain the advancements in technology that are driving the evolution to “smart” or “smarter” buildings
  • Define the phrase “integrated building controls” and how they enable “smart” buildings
  • Provide our perspective on why a lighting-based control system could be the backbone for integrating a broader building control system and the benefits of using such a strategy
  • Describe EMC’s approach to helping our customers when they ask about or are considering a control system, illustrated by our work with Lockheed Martin
  • Provide recommendations to guide your thoughts about lighting and building controls

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